Hiking and Hill Walking in Tenerife

Hiking in Tenerife

Let’s be honest when you think about hiking and hill walking, Tenerife probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind. When you think of Tenerife, you are far more likely to think about lazing on a beach or drinking Sangria by the pool than spending a day trekking across the countryside.

But Tenerife is an island crying out to explored on foot. A hire car or a coach tour cannot give you the same perspective or satisfaction as well planned walk. For its size Tenerife boasts some of the most spectacular scenery and changing ecosystems on the planet. Its rightly described as ’several worlds in one’ and its all accessible on foot. From the semi-desert scrub of the south, to the luscious green fields of the north, and from the pine and laurel forests of the hills to lunar landscapes of Las Cañadas.

It’s easy to explore too, there are dozens of well marked footpaths and trails as well as little known tracks and routes up remote mountain passes to challenge even the most experienced hiker. And even though Tenerife is inherently mountainous, there are spectacular walks which involve just short ascents of a couple of hundred metres as well as longer more challenging climbs up some of the higher peaks which rise to over 3,700 metres (12,000 feet).

The unique attraction of Tenerife is its geology and landscape, its relatively recent volcanic origins, shaped by wind and rain (from more temperate climes in the island’s geological past), have carved a landscape which cannot be rivalled anywhere else on the planet. And whilst Tenerife is technically classified as volcanically dormant, lava flows from eruptions as recent as 1909 can be explored from very accessible routes.

Hiking and hill walking remain one of the best ways to explore the true nature of the island, it offers a far better perspective than a bus tour, it’s far more eco-friendly than a hire-car and in the company of an experienced local guide hiking in Tenerife is unbeatable.