Hiking and Hill Walking in Tenerife

Camping in Tenerife

Camping in Tenerife is not a straightforward affair. In general its not permitted to camp on any beaches or in any areas covered by the Canary Islands Protected Natural Spaces Act, which include all nature reserves and national parks. The exception to this rule are the designated camping areas, but then only with a permit which must be obtained from the Tenerife Cabildo (Island Council) Offices at least seven days before hand.

Effectively this makes wild camping illegal, however, with the absence of any overland streams, wild camping in most areas of Tenerife, would require you bring several gallons of water with you if you planned to stay for more than one night. This isn’t exactly a practical way to camp and at least the designated camp sites all include access to fresh drinking water.

The permits required to use the designated camp site are free and serve as a health and safety measure. Most of the camp sites in Tenerife are within the pine forests where there is a risk of Forest Fire, particularly during the hotter summer months when the undergrowth becomes parched. So the permit at least allows the authorities to account for people who may be trapped out in the wild. The permits also enable the department of the environment to ensure the camp sites are not over crowded as there are limited spaces available, however my experience is that overcrowding is rarely a problem.

List of Camp Sites in Tenerife

There are loads of great camp sites in Tenerife, here’s a list of those open to the public. Stays are limited to a maximum of 7 nights. Facilities vary from nothing, to basic amenities like water pumps, picnic tables & parking, to more luxurious facilities like barbecue areas, showers and toilets. Some even have a children’s play area.

NB: Many of the sites listed below are closed for refurbishment, I will try to update this list with accurate information as soon as I have time.

Tenerife Group Camping Grounds

Camp Site Borough Capacity Access
Arenas Negras Garachico 50 From the C-820 km.64
Chanajiga Los Realejos 50 From Palo Blanco o Benijos
Chío Guia de Isora 150 C-823 (Road from Chío to Boca de Tauce), Km. 12,5
El Lagar Icod de Los Vinos 30 TF-2222 La Guancha, turning for the Forestry Route
El Contador Arico 30 From Lomo de Arico, C-822, until 8 Km. from El Contador
Fuente del Llano Arico 100 From Lomo de Arico, along the forrestry route past El Contador 16Km
Fuente de Pedro San Juan de La Rambla 150 Forestry Route from El Lagar
La Caldera La Orotava 50 TF-21 Road from La Orotava to las Cañadas del Teide. Turning at km. 16,2
Las Hayas Icod de Los Vinos 30 Forestry Route El Lagar / Redondo
Las Lajas Vilaflor 30 C-821 Km.58
Las Raices El Rosario 30 TF-24 from La Laguna to las Cañadas, turning at km.9
Lomo de la Jara Tacoronte 30 Forestry Route from Agua García
Ramón el Caminero La Orotava 50 TF-21 Road from La Orotava a las Cañadas del Teide. km.24
San Jose de Los Llanos El Tanque 30 By San Jose de Los Llanos, C-820 y TF-2226 Km.78′6

Smaller Camp Sites in Tenerife

Smaller Camping Grounds in Tenerife

Camp Site Borough Capacity Access
Las Calderetas El Sauzal 10 Access via Ravelo
La Tahona San Juan de La Rambla 10 Via Icod el Alto
La Vica La Matanza 10 Access via Ravelo
Los Frailes Arafo 10 Road TF-4133
Los Pedregales Buenavista 10 Road between El Palmar and Teno Alto

Tenerife Camping Permits Cannot currently be obtained without a user name and password to use the Cabildo (Island government) Web Site. This must be applied for in person at Cabildo Offices. Permits can only be booked 1 week in advance. So it is NOT POSSIBLE to reserve permits prior to arrival.