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David Parkes
David Parkes has lived in Tenerife for over 20 years, he has explored most of the island on foot and regularly hikes solo as well as leading walking groups into the mountains of Tenerife. David is British, but moved to Tenerife with his parents when he was 8 years old, consequently he speaks fluent Spanish and has in-depth local knowledge of the geography of the island and its flora and fauna. David has been a keen walker since he first learnt to stand for himself, as a toddler he was often seen pushing his own buggie around the village and has an innate sense of direction which he has been proudly demonstrating since age 3. He owes his love of walking to his Nan, who during his childhood regularly took him out on 6 mile walks across the Yorkshire moors. More recently David has hiked in the Western Highlands of Scotland and parts of Southern England as well as most of Tenerife. Presently David is enrolled on a training course with MLTE and hopes to achieve is Mountain Leader qualification by the end of next summer.

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