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Montaña Blanca

Posted on January 4th, 2009 by David Parkes in Recent Walks
Montaña Blanca

Montaña Blanca

Montaña Blanca is the mountain immediately to the east of Mount Teide and at 2,748m is the 3rd highest peak on the island of Tenerife. Its also one of the easiest and most rewarding walk in the National Park.

The walk begins from a small car park alongside the main road through Las Cañadas between the cable car (Teleferico) station and the visitor centre at El Portillo. The 342 and 348 buses stop at this point on request.

The footpath, which is actually a fairly wide dirt track first heads north and gradually curves back on itself in an anti-clockwise fashion, taking in a view-point offering fantastic views towards El Portillo, the North East of the Island and the north side of Las Cañadas, including the La Fortaleza cliffs. The path then zig-zags up the “back” of the mountain, passing amongst the huevos de Teide (Teide’s Eggs), giant boulders ejected by volcanic eruptions. Continuing higher still, we come within touching distance of the lava flows down the side of Mount Teide.

Teide Violet

Teide Violet

At such high altitude and in such barren conditions that alternate between searing heat in summer and icy cold sub-zero temperatures in winter, its remarkable anything survives at all. However, Montaña Blanca is one of the few accessible places which you might catch a glimse of the elusive Teide Violet, a small flower which blooms in late spring.

As we near the summit we have to leave the path we have been following, as it continuous a further 1,000m up the side of Mount Teide, a gravel footpath takes us instead the short distance to the summit of Montaña Blanca, from which we can enjoy a spectacular view of the National Park, the lunar landscapes and the high peaks of the southern ridge of Las Cañadas. Return by the same route.

Walking Route: Montaña Blanca
Distance: 7km (4.5 miles approx)
Ascent/Descent: 500 metres (1650 feet)
Grading: Easy (Caution in Winter, snow & ice a real possibility)

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