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Coastal Walk: Los Crisitanos – Las Galletas

Posted on July 31st, 2008 by David Parkes in Recent Walks
Los Cristianos from Guaza Mountain

Los Cristianos from Guaza Mountain

There are some great walks right on the doorstep of the major tourist resorts in Tenerife, this one beginning in the town of Los Cristianos is no exception, taking in two nature reserves and breathtaking views of the town and the south coast.

The walk begins next to Casa Carolina, (the old villa on the sea-front at the end of the promenade), from here we head along a dusty track past the rocky beach towards Montaña Guaza (Guaza Mountain). The entire mountain is a protected natural space, which given the rate of expansion of Los Cristianos is very fortunate. We spurn the rather obvious “tourist route” and instead take the less troden path to the right, which takes us up towards the cliffs. Whilst at no point are we walking along a precipice, a good head for heights is recommended, as is a camera because the views are fabulous.

The turret in Palm mar

The turret in Palm mar

Once on top of the cliffs we follow the track meandering around the plateau, we see old quarries used to gather stones for the farm field walls and terracing which abound the plateau. We walks through a rocky landscape surrounded by tabaiba, cactus and Canary Island Spurge before descending down a steep scree slope to the village of Palm Mar.

A quick pause for a snack and drink and we set out again, picking up a coastal track on the other side of the village. We now enter Malpais de la Rasca, which is also a nature reserve, ‘malpais’ literally means badlands and in Tenerife is synonymous with rugged lava fields, however, we have a decent path to follow which takes us around Punta de la Rasca and on towards the lighthouse.

La Rasca, for those that are interested, literally means “the ordinary one”, which rather undersells this area, yet every geographical feature between Palm Mar and Las Galletas uses its name. There’s a Mountain called La Rasca, the headland is called Punta de la Rasca and even the lighthouse is known as Faro de la Rasca.

Faro de la Rasca located on the southwest tip of Tenerife.

Faro de la Rasca located on the south west tip of Tenerife.

And it is the lighthouse that is our next landmark, which in the heat of summer offers a welcome tower of shade and some iconic photos. From here we embark on the last leg of our journey towards the fishing port of Las Galletas. We pass banana plantations and disused farm fields before winding around the headland and discovering a small beach the locals have seeming managed to keep as a secret from us ex-pats.

Eventually we emerge at the Red Cross station overlooking the main beach and harbour of Las Galletas, arriving just in time for a seafood lunch at one of the sea-front restaurants. Suitably refreshed we return to Los Cristianos by bus.

Walking Route: Los Cristianos – Las Galletas
Distance: 14km (9 miles approx)
Ascent/Descent: 150 metres (450 feet)
Grading: Easy-Moderate

  1. 10 Responses to “Coastal Walk: Los Crisitanos – Las Galletas”

  2. By Julie on Aug 6, 2008

    Good job! I’ve lived in the Las Galletas area for years and never made the attempt to walk that route. You’ve inspired me to dust off my walking boots.

  3. By David Parkes on Aug 7, 2008

    Hi Julie,

    I’m glad you’ve decided to dust off the boots. There are quite a few trails criss-crossing Malpais de la Rasca so there are many variants to the route, there’s even alternative routes over Guaza Mountain so enjoy.

  4. By alex noble on Sep 9, 2008

    i only ever walked the prom or around the streets i would be interested to know if there is a walking club in los cristianos

  5. By Aigars on Jun 25, 2010

    On the way up to Guaza mountaintop I liked the views of old irrigation systems and stone walls build to keep soil and retain the scarse water. In fact, I liked the view better than piramides in Egypt.

    The area between Palm Mar (the road starts at entry “gate” of Palm Mar) and Las Galletas is my absolutely best area in Tenerife for biking.

  6. By David on Oct 2, 2010

    Is it possible to put up a map to show the route?

    I walked up from Los Cris onto Guaza mountain, but failed to find a path down to Guaza and had to come back.

    Tanks in advance

  7. By joseph walsh on Nov 8, 2010

    would like to do some walking whilst on holiday dec13 to 27th 2010.good days walk about 20 kms could you provide me with suitable walking group I could join up with.

  8. By The Citizen on Feb 6, 2011

    Thanks for the info. I did this walk yesterday and very enjoyable it was too!

  9. By Oxana on Apr 7, 2011

    Thanks, have done it today. Excellent route. View from the cliffs is stunning. ‘Secret’ beach was very pleasant discovery. Very refreshing after several hours journey.

  10. By david wright on Mar 22, 2012

    David, having just returned from our 2 week stay in Golf Del Sur where we did indulge in a walk on most days our most interesting and challenging (given that we are in our late 60’s) was a walk from where we stayed to Los Cristanos and we couldn’t agree more we your discription of the latter part from Las Galletos onwards. Sadly if it hadn’t been for a gentleman we asked for direction having been told at our apartment that Mount Guaza was out of bounds we wouldn’t have similar photos to the one you have shown. We will be returning and staying in Los Cristanos and would welcome any information on other walks. Best regards Dave

  11. By Radja on Apr 26, 2012

    Today I bought some walking boots in Los Cristianos. Tomorrow I’ll test the boots by walking your route.

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