Hiking and Hill Walking in Tenerife

Footwear for hiking in Tenerife

Posted on July 16th, 2008 by David Parkes in Equipment, Hiking Advice
Quechua Diosaz Raid 500 Cross-country Running Shoes

Quechua Diosaz Raid 500 Cross-Country Running Shoes

There seems to be a debate in the industry at the moment as to weather cross-country trainers or approach shoes are a better choice of footwear than hiking boots. To a certain extent is a matter of personal choice, but I’m an advocate of cross-country running shoes, particularly when hiking or walking in Tenerife and here’s why.

Tenerife has low rainfall and there are no permanent overland streams, so waterproof shoes with high ankle guards are not required to keep the water out.

Trainers are far lighter and invariably more comfortable to wear for long periods than hiking boots.

The absence of ankle support can actually strengthen your ankles, which can in itself help prevent injury if you take a bad step.

My recommendation is for some like the Quechua Diosaz Raid 500 (pictured), they cost around £50 and are really comfortable. Although they are not waterproof, if worn with a synthetic mix sock they’ll dry out really quickly thanks to the breathable 3D synthetic mesh. The sole offers great grip and the Phylon + Diapad® midsole offers great cushioning.

Quechua are a brand renowned for offer great products at low prices so for my money this is the best type of footwear for hiking and trekking in Tenerife.

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Since writing this and hiking on a daily basis instead of only at weekends, I’ve changed my opinion somewhat. Cross country running shoes wear out terribly quickly on our rocky terrain and last me no more than 3 months before all grip is gone on the soles. Also after suffering a slight ankle injury, I was grateful of the extra support a higher ankled boot offered. I’ve also found that there are number of synthetic boots with Vibram or Contragrip soles which fit and feel like a trainer, offering you comfort as well as waterproofing and ankle support.

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  2. By  Glass Shelving on Aug 18, 2010

    i think the best running shoe is made by Adidas and also Nike.’-

  3. By David Parkes on May 8, 2013

    Nike and Adidas running shoes are fine for running on track, pavement or tarmac, but they get torn to shreds if you use them as trail running shoes.

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